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Eliminate your food sensitivities, whilst saving time and money with our online meal planning service.

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Why use the meal planner?

Having a food sensitivity can lead to restricted meal choices and a hassle in planning meals.

Remove the restriction with varied meals that are automatically created for you in just a few seconds.

  • Exclude any problem food items with ease
  • Add any health or lifestyle goals such as losing weight
  • Save time and money quickly creating healthy and nutritious meals with less waste

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How it works?

Customise your plan

Set preferences for you and your household. Pick your favourite ingredients and exclude any problem foods in a few clicks.

Save time & money

Plan your meals for the entire week in seconds. Automatically generate your shopping list, buying only the ingredients you need means less wasted food and money saved.

Healthy & varied meals

Use easy to follow recipes to create healthy and varied meals that meet your health and lifestyle goals.

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“Having a food sensitivity often means that you will need to eliminate certain foods from your diet. This can leave you puzzled at how to eat varied and balanced meals, which are essential for general nutrition and well being.

Using an online meal planner can help to ensure you have balanced and healthy diet.”


Sian Baker
BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist

Meal planning, personalised

With hundreds of personalisation options, simply swap any ingredients you don’t want and eat exactly how you want to.

Matthew's Meal Plan

Dietary preference
No preference

Food Sensitivity
Gluten sensitivity


2 servings

Jenny's Meal Plan

Dietary preference

Food Sensitivities
Lactose Intolerance


5 servings

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